*astTRAC Features

*astTRAC is the field staff management software, that lets your organization manage succeeding activities effectively:

Attendence Management

The login to the app is also stored as the attendance of the individual. The daily report is sent to the admin email on regular basis. Hence, the app is used as the attendance system in many organization. The attendance also captures their date, time, and the location.

Capture Image

The app user can capture the images using the camera of the mobile phone. The images can be captured for client’s office, site condition, selfie with a prospect / partner, customer picture for next team to interact, item to be serviced, etc. On uploading the image, server takes the date/time and location, and associate the image with the data.

Job interview conversation. HR manager and employee candidate meeting and talking. Man and woman sitting at table and discussing career. Business or human resource concept

Report Meetings

Let your team update their meeting from the location. This captures date, time & location and map with your customer data. It create complete reports on number of meetings done by individual and teams.

Distance Calculation

The location of the team on google map, Distance travelled so far for the date, Meetings completed for the date, Availability of the agents from the team.

Track Teams Location

Know employee live Geo-location and monitor sales meeting logs. Look at their route, meetings done and tasks completed.

Update Task

With *astTRAC, the executives can update their tasks to the app on a daily basis.

Manager prioritizing tasks in to do list. Man taking notes, planning his work, underlining important points. Vector illustration for agenda, checklist, management, efficiency concept

Expenses Reporting

With *astTRAC, the executives can capture the receipt image from their phone on the go. Also, the distance travelled by them are now directly accessed by their managers and the accounts team. Hence it becomes much easier for the executives, to claim the reimbursements

*astTRAC keeps accurate control over sales activities, supports updates, displays a transparent read of orders & delivery status, meetings, events, and tracks fleet movements with a location on Google map. The solution administers records of conferences and visits related to the client information and permits the user to capture pictures and decision recording from a transportable, ultimately driving bigger potency.