Field staff management

Want to ease your field Staff Management and increase productivity? We can help you !!!

Think about last time you had a really bad experience managing field staff. Remember, how that experience left you feeling.

Field staff management is crucial for your business, no matter how much the digital revolution changes the working culture, some industries will always require to operate with field force such as insurance selling, and documents collection agencies.

Effective field force management and productive field service staff can have a profound impact on your business. This is one of the reasons why monitoring field staff is so important.

The Need for a Field Staff Management System?

Some businesses can’t succeed without the field force. Businesses need to go door to door to build customer’s trust, provide service and for sales. It is one of the most complex operational tasks for companies to manage and track field forces.

Field staff management is important because there can be diversions during working hours by the agents. For example, they can alternatively work for their one business or maybe taking rest during working hours etc. To avoid such types of conditions companies should implement field staff management software.

Now, What is Field Staff Management Software?

The question is how can you keep an eye on your field service team without being with them, make sure they are attending meetings on time, following a proper route and their expenses are being tracked properly.

Here, the Field Staff Management System comes into the picture. Field Staff Management Software helps you manage on-field teams and employees, track their activities, meeting, timings, travel, location and expenses. It helps you build an efficient field force by keeping you updated about all the activities of agents.

Features of Field Force Management Software

The field staff management system not only tracks the activities of field staff but also helps you with daily, weekly and monthly reports of agents’ performance. The reporting features of astTRAC (Field Force Management Software by *astCRM) makes it more efficient as it also gives productivity hacks and insights on agents performance.

Work on the Go

astTRAC helps agents to log in to the system from anywhere, giving them the flexibility of working remotely. Meetings can be assigned to the agents on the go and they can view and log in to the nearest meeting in the android application.

With this mobile agents are more productive as it saves their time and ensures that productivity is not compromised.

Meeting Reports

Meeting reports enable the field staff to view the meeting data like client name, client location and purpose of meeting in a few clicks. They can also view the meeting history with the client so that agents are well prepared before the meeting. Having client meetings history and progress in mind increase the chance of a deal.

On the other hand, field staff management software implementation gives managers the freedom to view the data on their asttrac manager’s app. Using the manager’s app they can view all the meeting reports and meeting notes uploaded by the agent.

Attendance Reports

Work from anywhere doesn’t mean logging in to the system anytime, astTRAC is capable of automatically capturing the location and login time of field staff. This data is used by companies for attendance management and performance tracking.

Expense Management

Expense Management is the most challenging task for companies while working with the field force. Implementation of Field Staff Management software reduces that effort and makes companies manage agents’ expenses. As agents can capture the invoice using a mobile camera and upload it on the app for verification with the amount.

These invoices are reflected in the manager’s app immediately for approval and the amount can be reimbursed easily. Field Staff Management Software keeps both managers and agents informed about refund status and helps companies to calculate expenses at the end of each month.

Overall, Field Force Software Implementation makes expense management a smooth process.


Identifying the areas of improvement and performance of the agents will improve the overall productivity.

astTRAC – The Field Force Management System makes field staff management a smooth process. It also reduces the paperwork and all the process is managed with few clicks on a mobile app.

Overall, It creates a more connected ecosystem that makes operational management an easy tack.

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